Welcome to Drinkel
& the Drinkel Concept

Drinkel is the World Wide registered brand for automatic beverage dispensing machines.
Drinkel is owned by Drinkel Espana S.L.


A nice, cold beer has never been as fast and beneficial

Imagine one bartender filling 12 cups of beer in one minute! Imagine the cups being filled with the exact same amount of beer every time! Imagine all this being done without any waste, spillage or loss of beer quality. Imagine improving your beer sales with hundreds of %!

All above is now reality thanks to our clever beer dispenser that will improve your business from day one.

Twin dispenser

Superquick beverage dispenser, fills the glass from the bottom. Two different beverages can be dipensed at the same time. LCD on the front shows your advertising or TV etc.

Single dispenser

Superfast beverage dispenser, also fills the glass from the bottom. Easy to install, easy to maintain and clean. Space efficient, there is also an in counter version.


Drinkel glasses for the Drinkel dispensers.
Sizes: 330 ml, 400 ml and 560 ml
Screen printing/IML photografic: >5k pcs
The glasses are available in both disposable and reusable versions.


Advantages using Drinkel vs conventional tapping

  • Speed: twin 4 times faster than conventional tapping
  • Less waste: 3-4% vs > 13% (over flow and left in Keg)
  • Less labor
  • Multi-tasking
  • Self-serve optional
  • Counter for each nozzle reading dispensed cups day/week etc.
  • 7” 16 video screen display
  • Easy change of front sticker with logo on both sides of the screen
  • Twin machine can dispense separate brands of beer/beverage and different size of cup/glass
  • Nitrogen: Super fast dispensing of nitrogen drinks (Guinness, coffe etc. See video further down)
  • Fixed mobile “Plug & Play” solutions with various dispensing capacity from 50 liter/hour -350 liter per hour


Major Achievements Europe

Extract from 66 Minutes: The Drinkel machine featured in a programme about U Arena!

The Drinkel dispenser is perfect for nitrogen drinks


The Drinkel franchise concept

  • Tools and capacity, cooler, stand, cost for alcohol license
  • Major points for being a franchisee
  • Huge earning possibilities
  • Characteristics and qualifications for franchise takers are for example entrepreneur mentality /qualification and hard working. Net earning possibilities very big. Please ask for further details.

Opportunities for Drinkel franchisees:

  • Hotels
  • Exhibition centers
  • Football and other grounds
  • Ferias and other local events
  • Night clubs
  • Beach clubs
  • Golf Clubs
  • Weddings
  • Company gatherings & events
  • Street wending
  • Train & bus stations & commuter trains
  • Shopping center’s
  • Etc, the market is enormous!

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